Crochet Flip Flops

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So today’s pin is a pattern for crocheted flip flops which I thought would be incredibly tedious, however it did not end up being so.

Pictures courtesy of Mama…that’s why they look so purdy! 🙂


1. Buy a snazzy lookin’ bandana.


2. Don’t get attached to the bandana because you then shred it into strips like Wolverine.


3. Take some of the bandana strips and tie them together into a very long noodle-looking strip

Then do this a second time with the rest of the bandana strips to create a second noodle.


4. Then you crochet one stitch under the flip-flop strap and one over.


5. You continue to do that until both are completely covered, cut the tails of the knots of your original noodle and voila!!

48 to go!!!! yay 🙂

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