“Pizza Hut” Pizza

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Full disclosure: this is not a new pin for us. In fact, I have made this pizza many, many times this year. So, why put in here on our blog? Because it works and because I made it today.

If you are a fan of the thick crusted Pizza Hut like pizza, then this one is for you! (It’s Cat’s favorite.) If you’re more of a thin crust kind of person, I’ll be trying out one of those in August and I’ll be putting weird toppings on it because I like weird toppings. For today, though, we’ll stick to traditional pizza.


On a side note, my husband built this for me. It’s a shelf for my ipad. He’s amazing. Moving on…


This is the yeast, sugar, salt and dry milk.


There’s a lot of flour in this dough, so I find it easier to knead with the dough hook,

then reposition and knead with the hook quite a few times.


The result is a very dense dough. It’s not sticky at all.


So, you don’t even need to flour the rolling pin or the counter.


Your circles don’t even have to be perfect because they will rise into nice little circles.

(Don’t tell Cat, she would hate to know that they started out like this. She likes it when this are perfect neat.)


I cover mine like this. In the winter, I warm up the oven first, then turn it off and let them rise for an hour in there.


  I only bake them for 10 minutes.


49 pins to go.


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