Mug Desserts

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Instead of just making one dessert for our Independence Day celebration, I printed 5 mug recipes from the 30 that can be found here. I made sure I had all the ingredients, asked my guests to bring one mug per person, stood back and watched the flour fly. Oh, and I held Lil’ Baby G.


Easiest baking day ever.


Even the kids got in on it. See, Jazz Man there, trying to decide which cake to make??


The adults were very, very serious.



The directions clearly stated: “This mother will be hot.”      DSC_0123Personally, I like Papa wearing the puppy oven mitt. Too bad he didn’t put on on his tongue.

Here is one of the winners, the Berry Cobbler:


It was amazing.

Other honorable mentions were the Chocolate Chip Cookie in a Cup and the very yummy, yet labor-intensive Red Velvet Mug Cake. My friend, Wonder Woman, said that the Red Velvet is definitely a “sharing cake” because it was way too filling for one person. I think I would say that about most of these cakes.

The flops of the evening were the cheese cake and the molten marshmallow fudge cake.

The other night, we tried the Brownie in a Mug and it was very good.  I would like to mention that with all of these cakes, following the exact cooking time is a must. A few of the cakes dried out because we thought they just needed a few more seconds. It wasn’t a loss, though, a dry cake just means that we needed to add ice cream. 🙂 I really need to go to the gym…

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