Suncreen and Bug Repellent Bars

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I’ve spent the last two weeks researching homemade sunscreen. I learned a lot about skin care and about all the chemicals that exist in the national brands of sunblock. Very informative. I also read about bug repellent and wonderful essential oils that exist to prevent the little pests from bothering me.Β  How wonderful!



The problem arose when I went to my local health food store and only found one of the items that I needed. Many of the items listed were fairly expensive and for the small amounts needed, it wasn’t quite cost effective for my family. So, with head hung low, I must tell you that this is not a completed pin. 😦


I realized that my health food store carries natural versions of both sun screen and bug repellent. Because of the research that I did for this pin, I was able to spot a great sunscreen for my fam that had all the ingredients that the one above contained. Even though the pin wasn’t completed, it was still a win for us. πŸ™‚ Maybe you have the ingredients at your disposal and you can make these awesome bars. If so, let me know. πŸ™‚

We’re still at 55 πŸ™‚


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