Uncle Sam Hat

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Hey hey hey, Happy July 4th from your favourite Cat!!!!! Today’s pin was brought to you by the combined forces of 007 and myself…and some construction paper…

For this pin, I didn’t really follow the directions very much, due to our lack of EXACT supplies. I thought any card stock, paper plate, and construction paper would do, sadly this was not the case. 007 and I DID try our best though, however Styrofoam is not at all conducive to precision. 😦 We took two card stock sheets, taped them together, and 007 coloured red stripes, while I was cutting out blue construction paper and taping stars onto it. Cookie cutters are such a great invention and came in handy when creating various shapes!! THEN I cut a hole in the Styrofoam (grrrr…) paper plate so that a human head could actually fit and taped it to the rest of the hat.


Uncle Sam would be proud!!

DSC_0083Although Mama is staring at her pizza dough trying not to be noticed…I think she’s proud too!! 🙂


This is our friend, Uncle Sam. He and his wife Bessie came over today with Little Baby G to celebrate our nation’s independence.

We made him wear the hat.

He liked it.

We like them. 🙂

58 to go!


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