Wrap Bracelet

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Hey, Cat here!!! The pin today was making a wrap bracelet…sounds pretty awesome, right? Everything that awesome HAS to be complicated….except this.

What you need is a beading needle, a bobby pin about two hundred beads, a button, lots of beading thread (which has the feel of fishing wire), and 6ft. of some sort of string.

SEPNLNBA-EXkZzcjtL-GderKMbpPAkSlbHqyBx773lMAlso, it is very important that you have a caffeinated drink, otherwise success in this project will be slim. 😉


Although this was a very easy project, it was INCREDIBLY time consuming…so make sure you’ve got an hour or so of nothing to do.

(Not a problem for teenagers in the summer.)


h8LThiHXy9k2HjXevLArEHCwuO6P36B4_HioyKHB2NMWhen you read the tutorial on the pin, you’ll notice that it’s pretty much just putting a bead on a string, and then wrapping it around another string. And that’s it.


I’m pretty sure the hardest part was pushing the beads up on the string so it was loose…

DSC_0032 DSC_0035 DSC_0040

So there you have it. A ridiculously easy bracelet that actually looks…pretty good!! 🙂

Original pin can be found here: http://handmadejade.com/2012/09/21/i-heart-wrap-bracelets/

60 left!


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